How To Finish a Butcher Block

Butcher block finishes are usually used on kitchen counters so as to create an appealing and resistant coat against wear and tear.

The type of wood used for butcher block finishes is very easy to maintain and clean.

How To  Finish  Butcher Blocks

Preparing the Surface

This process involves cleaning and sanding down the butcher block using a medium-sized piece of sandpaper.

Applying Mineral Oil

Apply oil onto the wood surface with a clean rag. Allow the oil to set for a certain period of time before removing the surplus oil.

Applying a Sealer

Apply a few coats of lacquer, varnish, or polyurethane using a roller, foam brush, or paintbrush before allowing to set.

Maintaining the Finish

Make sure the butcher block stays strong and in shape by doing regular maintenance such as cleaning and reapplying the top finish.

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