Stabilizing Wood

You can stabilize your wood by injecting a wood hardener or resin into the rotting piece of wood. This will cause the soft and rotting wood piece to harden.

Steps to Follow When Stabilizing Wood

Gather The Materials

Gather the wood, the Stabilizing Resin, a Vacuum Chamber and an Oven Toaster.


Wear protective clothing anytime you work with substances like resin. Keep all your equipment close and on hand.

The Vacuum Chamber

Put all wood blanks into the vacuum chamber. Make sure that the blanks are completely covered in the resin.

When the chamber is closed, the air extraction will begin to take place. All of the air from the wood blanks will be extracted and taken out. Leave the wood in the vacuum chamber for a while.

Baking / Curing

After you have removed the wood blanks from the vacuum chamber, put them on a paper towel and leave them to dry completely.

Wrap your wood pieces in aluminum foil, Preheat your oven to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the wood. Leave the foiled wooden blanks in the oven for at least an hour or more.