Sealing Painted Cabinets

If your wooden kitchen cupboards are unfinished, it is recommended that you use an oil-based cabinet sealer. This protects the wood, but will also remove the raw wood look.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Clear Coat for Kitchen Cabinets?

A clear coating on your kitchen cabinets will bring out the shine when the sun and other lighting reflects off of it. This appears to bring life to the wood.


If you apply a clear coating over the painted surface, it will protect the paint, as it is formulated to offer UV protection.

Avoids Degradation

In some cases, when using paint for your kitchen cupboards, there is a residue left behind. However, with a clear coat for cabinets, this will never happen.


Painted surfaces tend to chip after a time, but applying a clear coat over the paint will stop any chipping from taking place.

Prevents Chipping

You might want to know that all clear finishing coat products such as polyurethane, lacquer, stains, and oils may turn yellow over time if applied over white paint.

If possible, try to choose a solid clear coat, as it will be thicker, which means more durability and water-resistance.