Deck Paint Remover

Benefits of Using Stain Stripper

A deck stain remover will remove or strip more than just a stain, it will also clean off any dirt, mold, or algae that has formed.

The stain stripper will also remove any sealers, varnishes, and paint bringing the wood back to its original condition.

Applying a stain stripper and removing any previous finish will also help prepare the wood for a new coat.

A deck that looks neglected doesn't help the overall look of your home. The paint remover will bring your deck back to looking its best.

Not all deck stain remover is the same, there are different kinds you can choose from.

The three main types of stain strippers.

Solvent-Based Deck Stain Stripper

These stain strippers work by chemically dissolving a stain or finish.

Caustic Deck  Stain Stripper

This stripper dissolves the old finish and changes it into another substance.

Biochemical Deck  Stain Stripper

These use more natural ingredients that are safer to use and are better for the environment.