Wood Varnish

Wood varnishes may vary according to their main ingredient, which in turn will affect the kind of wood on which it can be used.

Here Are  A Few  Variations in Varnishes for Wood

Water-Based Varnish

The Water-based varnish option is quick-drying and can effectively be used on any wooden surface.

Lacquer Wood Finish

Wood lacquer is developed using nitrocellulose and other solvents and can produce a glossy or matte finish to wooden surfaces.

Wood Varnish Finish

Most wood varnish formulas are made using resin, solvent, thinner, and drying oil. This results in a finish that is crystal-clear.

Polyurethane Wood Finish

Labeled as synthetic coatings. They are a clear varnish that offer great protection for wooden surfaces.

Oil-Based Wood Finish

In comparison to most finishes, the oil-based finish dries rather slowly and produces a strong smell when it is applied.

Shellac Wood Finish

Made from lac insect secretions. The lac insect gives off a wax-like resin that has protective qualities.

Furniture Wax

Furniture wax ensures a subtle and smoother finish on surfaces. Furniture wax is made from mixing beeswax and leaves.