Wood Carving Ideas

Wood carving has existed for pretty much as long as people have, and this is because ever since we discovered how malleable wood is we’ve been fashioning it into different shapes.

 Ideas For Beginners

A Wooden Spoon Set

They’re pretty neat and you can use them or prop them up in a nice bowl as a cool ornate decoration.

A Wooden Animal Set

Animal forms are always a good way to start because they don’t need loads of detail to be instantly recognizable.

A Wooden Chess Set

Chess, like wood carving, is one of the world’s oldest pastimes and hand-crafted chess sets carry with them a sense of sentimentality.

A Chip Carving

Chip carving is the practice of carving out indents and patterns on the surface of a wooden board.

A Wooden Heart

The heart has been a symbol for many things throughout time but in our day and age.

A Spiral Tree

If you’re looking to take your carving skills beyond simple forms we think that you’d do well to try out a spiral tree.