Primer For Bare Wood

Wood Primer is a base layer that is applied to wood under the layer of paint that you wish to apply.

Different types of primers

Adhesion Sealer

This type of primer bonds well to the surface beneath it, and preps the wood nicely for the next layer of paint to be applied on top of it.

Porosity-Sealing Primer

A porous primer will seal and smoothen out the surface so that a topcoat can be applied.

Moisture-Diffusion Barrier Primers

Forms a sealant against water whilst still allowing for the evaporation of the water.

Sanding Primers

These primers glue the pieces of wood together so that the surface of the wood is smooth and even.

Combination Primers

A multi-purpose primer that provides a sealant layer to the wood, prevents any staining and bleeding, and provides a strong foundation

Primer vs  Paint

The difference between paint and primer is that paint consists of resin pigments (which provide color), whereas primers contain resins that seal up porous wooden surfaces so as to provide a good foundation for a top layer of paint to be applied onto it.