How To  Use Wood Hardener

Wood hardeners are most suitable for small areas of partially damaged wood and using them can be a more cost-effective option than replacement.

Important Things  to Consider When Choosing Your  Wood Hardener

The Drying Time

Not only does a faster drying time mean that you can get work done quicker, but it is particularly useful if you are working outdoors.

The Durability

It is important to buy a long-lasting and durable hardener, especially if you are working with wood that will be exposed to the elements.

The Color

You should decide whether you want to add color and then determine how to match it to the wood that surrounds it.

Applying Your Wood Hardener

Preparing Your Wood

The most important part of preparing your wood is to make sure that it is completely dried out.

Time to Apply

You will likely need to apply several coats to your wood, especially if it is badly damaged. You can either spray it on or use a brush.

Aftercare to Ensure Longevity

We suggest that you use a primer and paint or varnish to provide additional strength and waterproofing