Can You Spray Paint Wood?

Wood spray paint is also referred to as aerosol paint and is most commonly sold in highly pressurized cans made of aluminum.

Spray paint for wood furniture has the added benefit of being oil-based, which results in a more durable finish than water-based paints. This is especially advantageous for outdoor furniture which is exposed to the harsher elements of nature.

How to Spray Paint Wood

Step One: Disassembly

It is very difficult and time-consuming to try and spray paint furniture if it is still assembled.

Step Two: Surface Cleaning

Preparing the wood for paint by removing any dirt or grime from the previous coat of old paint or varnish.

Step Three: Sanding the Surface Area

This will help smooth out irregularities on the surface and increase adhesion for the paint.

Step Four: Removing Dust and Applying Tape

Secure the areas that we don’t want any paint on, by covering them with painter’s tape.

Step Five: Spraying on the Layer of Primer

The best method to avoid dripping and to create a smooth and light coat is with a long sweeping motion.

Step Six: Applying the Spray Paint

it is recommended to shake the can at regular intervals to make sure that it is still mixed properly.

Step Seven: Reassembly

Before attempting to reassemble your furniture, it is highly recommended that you let the coats of paint dry thoroughly.