Burl  Wood Prices

Wood burl is essentially a growth of malformed bark that grows on the trunk, branches, and root system of trees.

How Do You Evaluate the Value of Wood Burl?

The Presence of Bark

A good indication of the price it could fetch is whether or not it still has its bark attached.

If the Burl Is Layered

If the burl you’re looking at is layered, it means that it was grown by the tree to seal off a section that has become damaged.

If the Burl Is Eyed

These burls are easy to spot and are considered high value due to the swirling pattern of the wood inside them.

The Size of the Burl

The size of the burl affects its value for a number of reasons. The bigger the burl, the more wood can be portioned out from it.

The Species of the Burl

At the end of the day, wood is wood, and certain wood species are a lot more valuable than others.

Moisture Content

When it comes to the craft of woodworking there’s absolutely no situation where wet wood is useful.

Wood Grain

Depending on the application and aesthetic appeal of the grain it could be more valuable.